Felistowe Dockers

Felistowe Dockers

Thursday, 27 April 2017

MSC Daniela Fire

At Colombo Port, Sri Lanka.

ACCIDENT:CRANE OPERATOR CAN'T CONTROL SWING. Never lift small loads under a heavy container spreader

Wooden chest falls out of the crane! No one injured LUCKY!

The operator was not able to ged rid of the swing. He could at least go further above the hatch away from the dockers in the shiphold for their safety!

Joris Cleiren 

Abandoned ferry sinks in Algeciras

A ferry abandoned in the port of Algeciras took on water in heavy winds last night and began sinking.
No one was injured and emergency services in the Spanish city sealed the vessel off with a boom, insisting there was no risk of pollution.
The vessel, Panagia Parou, was abandoned several years ago and is docked in a small harbour basin deep inside the port.

Juan G. Mata‏–